Every parent is filled with good intentions.

Unfortunately, they are also confronted with daily living expenses. As a result, even parents who know they should be saving . . . do not. That is why more and more companies across DC are offering the ability through a DC College Savings Plan account via payroll direct deposit.

For as little as $15 per pay period, payroll direct deposit helps employees:1

  • Contribute a consistent amount on a regular basis
  • Potentially reduce future college debt for their children and grandchildren
  • Fund their own retraining and career development.

No added administrative burden.

  • Employees register for the benefit online, using the same ACH direct deposit system you're likely using already.
  • Note: 529 payroll direct deposits use after-tax dollars.

Our on-site Institutional Relationship Manager can:

  • Help you before and after your payroll direct deposit plan is in place
  • Answer employees' questions
  • Help communicate the new 529 benefit both to your HR/Payroll departments and employees
  • Lead employee workshops and staff benefits fairs (request an Institutional Relationship Manager for your event)
  • Provide educational materials for staff and employees
  • Attend community events

Download these helpful reference materials:

Additional materials are also available from your Institutional Relationship Manager.

We are here to help you and your employees.

1A plan of regular investment cannot assure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market.